Incidental coal

As with most minerals within the UK, coal seams exist near the surface within areas that are required for various types of built developments such as houses, factories, and offices.

The presence of such coal seams presents developers with the problem of how to deal with its recovery prior to the construction works. 

It is the developers’ objective to construct buildings and associated infrastructure on a stable, secure and safe foundation. Hargreaves has the knowledge and experience to provide developers with a full solution package, allowing the developers to proceed with confidence

It is commonplace for old mine workings, often unrecorded, to exist within shallow coal seams. The overlying land is unstable and hence unsuitable for the construction works to proceed - without first removing the pillars of coal remaining beneath the surface and replacing them with compacted layers of rock and clay, sufficient for the developer or contractor to lay foundations for new buildings.

Coal is not a suitable mineral for construction in engineering terms. Exposure to the atmosphere carries a risk of spontaneous combustion.

Also, the fact that coal is a national resource means that, where possible, it should be extracted and utilised for its energy potential, and not be sterilised by built development.

Hargreaves Energy & Commodities Division has the ability to undertake projects of this nature, including obtaining all the necessary approvals from the Coal Authority in order to recover incidental coal.

Coal recovered by these means is fed by our Energy & Commodities Division into coal supply contracts they have with power generators, and industrial and domestic users.